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      [435] Review of Military Operations, 187, 189 (Dublin, 1757).At the table they gave Pendleton full sway and it improved his humor. Counsell had discovered that it pleased Pen best to have him encourage her father. Counsell's conversation with her was limited to compliments on the wonderful eats. Pen received it with her little twisted smile. That was the way she was. She knew he meant it, but it hurthow it hurt! Because it signified nothing. Nothing would come of it. A long course of self-discipline had taught Pen never to build on the prospect of happiness, that thereby she might be saved a crushing disappointment when happiness failed to materialize.

      [325] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 16 Septembre, 1714.

      [75] The earlier editions of this book follow, in regard to Samuel Gill, the statements of Maurault, which are erroneous, as has been proved by the careful and untiring research of Miss C. Alice Baker, to whose kindness I owe the means of correcting them. Papers in the archives of Massachusetts leave no doubt as to the time and place of Samuel Gill's capture.[28] Cadillac's report of this interview is given in Sheldon, Early History of Michigan, 85-91.

      as bright in class as any of the others--and brighter than some of them!Long before noon the French and Indians were on their northward march with their train of captives. More armed men came up from the settlements below, and by midnight about eighty were gathered at the ruined village. Couriers had been sent to rouse the country, and before evening of the next day (the first of March) the force at Deerfield was increased to two hundred and fifty; but a thaw and a warm rain had set in, and as few of the men had snow-shoes, pursuit was out of the question. Even could the agile savages and their allies have been overtaken, the probable consequence would have been the murdering of the captives to prevent their escape.

      FOOTNOTES:[570] Le Ministre Bigot?, 29 Ao?t, 1759 (second letter of this date).

      [441] Winslow to Loudon, 29 Sept. 1756.

      [387] Minutes of Council of War held at New York, 12 and 13 Dec. 1755. Shirley to Robinson, 19 Dec. 1755. The Conduct of Major-General Shirley briefly stated. Review of Military Operations in North America.[23] "Le 18me (Ao?t) un sauvage anglois fut pris au bas de la rivire de St. Jean. Je le donnai nos sauvages pour estre brul, ce qu'ils firent le lendemain. On ne peut rien adjouter aux tourmens qu'ils luy firent souffrir." Villebon, Journal, 1691, 1692.


      Do you know about that one scandalous blot in my career the time I ran[38] Clinton to Lords of Trade, 30 July, 1750.


      spoiled by my family! But it's great fun to pretend I've been.


      funniest underneath smile that never quite comes through but just[523] This is stated by Pouchot and Bougainville; the latter of whom confirms the testimony of the English witnesses, that Canadian officers present did nothing to check the Indians.