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      Its Esmeralda! shouted Taffy, as if he could not believe his eyes.

      Trafford came forward and rang the bell for the valet, and gave his arm to his father to the door. Then he went to the window and looked out. Two figures could be seen on the lawn in the gloaming. They were Esmeraldas and Normans. He had eyes for Esmeraldas only, and he gazed at her wistfully, with the wistfulness of a man who loves without hope. How graceful she was! Her lithe figure in its marvelous dress seemed symbolic of youth itself; youth and beauty.

      "That would have been much," absently replied the reader, turning a page.She can only decide one way, said Varley. She can have no love for the man who meanly deceived and betrayed her.

      "True again," he said, "true. Let the flag of my hundred boys be to all and each the flag of a hundred girls. Yet will it be also the flag of his heart's one choice--sister, wife, or sweetheart--to every man marching, fighting, or dying under it--and more are going to die under it than are ever coming back. To me, oh, to me, let it be yours. My tasks have spared me no time to earn of you what would be dearer than life, and all one with duty and honor. May I touch your hand? Oh, just to say good-by. But if ever I return--no, have no fear, I'll not say it now. Only--only--" he lifted the hand to his lips--"good-by. God's smile be on you in all that is to come."

      I havent the least notion what a claim is, or what it is worth, but I willingly accept Mr. Howards estimate, and in the words of a well-known character, I have only to say; Take her and be happy. I shall want this hand again, my dear fellow, he added, wincing under Normans terrific grasp. And I think, Mr. Howard, that I will show you the fernery another time. Well go out on the terrace where, I trust, lovers will cease from troubling, and we two bachelors can be at rest.She gave one resenting sparkle, but then shook her averted head tenderly, murmured "Impossible," and smiled.


      A deep anxiety sat upon Three Star. Men went about with grave faces and preoccupied manner, and the gayety of the Eldorado saloon was crushed out by the weight of suspense. Men spoke in hushed voices, the tinkling piano was silent. No one had even the heart to fight. Varley and Norman and several of the miners rode frequently to the hut to make inquiries, and hung around on tiptoe, and with suppressed voices. Presents innumerable were sent from the camp; everything that Esmeralda could be supposed to fancythe most grotesque articlesarrived as tokens of Three Stars love.



      "Now, Connie, that isn't fair! I won't stay with you!" The speaker fled. Constance put out the light.Has any one inquired for me? he asked.