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      Lady Ada came into the room.

      "What do you mean by Lostwithiel disappointing her? Did he jilt her?"


      "You know he is always pleased to see youwe are not very early peopleand this is Christmas Eve. We were to sit round the fire and tell ghost-stories, don't you remember?"

      Trafford had been looking at her, but as she spoke he came to her side and leaned over with her.

      Captain Hulbert took his yacht to other waters in November, only to come sailing back again in December, when he finally laid up the Vendetta in winter quarters, and took up his abode at the Mount, where he availed himself of his brother's stud, which had been reduced to two old hunters and a pair of carriage-horses of mediocre quality. And so the shortening days drew on towards Christmas; baby's first Christmas, as that small person's adorers remarkedas if it were a wonderful thing for any young Christian to make a beginning of lifeand all was happiness at the Angler's Nest. All was happiness without a cloud, till one morningAllegra and her brother being alone in the library, where she sometimes painted at her little table-easel, while he readshe put down her palette and went over to him, laying her hand upon his shoulder as he sat in his accustomed place in the old-fashioned bow-window.


      No, no, but that was not what I was thinking about. Of course I am very glad and thankful you were not hurt; Im sure you might have been killed! But itsits the oddness of the thing! The idea of your interfering, and running such a risk! Why didnt you leave it toto the policeman, or wait until the groom came up?



      Wir sind, wir sind, zur Stelle."