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      "The baron! Surely Margaret"

      "He's a nice lad, ain't he?"

      "Kip off, or I'll slosh you one on the boko," cried the Lord's lost lamb swinging up a vigorous pair of fists. Reuben breathed a sigh of relief."He's warked fur it all the same, surelye," said Cooper of Kitchenhour.

      "II?un't you pleased to see me?"

      The dagger, like the horse, was then relinquished, and Tyler, with a glance of triumph, turned to Richard, and continued"Quite so, Squire. But it ?un't the cow as I'm vrothered about so much as these things always happening. This ?un't the first 'rag,' as he calls it, wot he's had on my farm. I've complained to you before."